Our Company

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We are an employee-owned company built for the sole purpose of delivering BIO-CEL® membrane modules into the municipal market. Our scope can vary from a complete system to a simple parts and services order. We specialize in retrofit projects and the replacement of older membrane technologies.

Our delivery method generally results in a streamlined scope and a price that cannot be matched by any other provider in the market. Low overheads, no double-markups, and factory-direct warranty coverage all help to keep costs down. A multi-disciplinary, experienced team is assigned to each job at the direction of a seasoned project manager. Our goal is to provide a reliable system, tailored to meet specific customer needs, on time, and in budget

Each team member is fully vested in every project and in every customer relationship.

Our Logo

Looks like the universal symbol for reuse with the suggestion of membranes in the middle of the triangle. But… really it is just a guitar pick.

Our Logo

Our Approach

Microdyn MBR is the sole distributor/integrator for BIO-CEL® membrane modules produced by MICRODYN-NADIR. The membrane warranty is provided by the factory direct to the end user and the system guarantee is by Microdyn MBR.

Our Value

The experience of our team, and our passion for MBR, is what separates us from the field but our attention to detail is what makes us different. We put a lot of emphasis on preparation, documentation, training, and data accessibility. Paying attention to the small stuff can have a big impact on performance and reliability.